Clever Digital Signage Inc.

CLEVER DIGITAL SIGNAGE INC. is a Canadian company with a Global reach in providing turn-key professional Digital Signage Solutions.

Our solutions, under the trademark "Re-sign™ Digital Signage" are used by clients in the U.S., Latin America, Russia and across Europe. The  Re-sign™ Digital Signage Communication platform takes Digital Signage to the next level, with our build-in modular based approach we provide a professional Digital Signage solution plus, Interactivity, Queue Management, Customer Surveys / Polls, Promotions, Menuboards, Cinema solution, WiFi Central Access Management and Customizations, all under one single platform. 

At Clever Digital Signage, we've built a legacy of performance and knowledge that's allowed our clients to better serve their customers, this has also earned us the trust and respect of some of the world's largest corporations.


Now more than ever, companies depend on information technology assets. With our extensive experience, Clever Digital Signage is uniquely qualified to help you make informed decisions regarding your Digital Signage investments. With our comprehensive information, you can confidently evaluate your technology options to determine a solution that lowers your total cost of ownership, increases uptime and allows you to provide exceptional customer service with minimal disruptions.


What sets Clever Digital Signage apart?

  • We're an independent resource, providing unbiased analysis of hardware and service options
  • Coverage: We provide Canada wide coverage, offering world-class software, hardware and service solutions throughout Canada and the world
  • Technology: We deliver end-to-end technology solutions to ensure your organization's success
  • Relevance: We're highly skilled at operating in the fast-paced, constantly evolving technological environment
  • Service: We're customer-centric, our software, hardware and services recommendations are tailored to your specific needs
  • Partnership: We're a trusted partner, committed to building and maintaining exceptional client relationships