Interactive InfoKiosks

Our Interactive InfoKiosk Content Management System is a module of the Re-sign™ Digital Signage Communication platform. With our Interactive InfoKiosk Management System you can create an unlimited number of interactive applications such as product catalogs, questionnaires / polls, path finder's, and run promotions (play games and win).

Improve customer satisfaction by allowing your customer to interact with your company, provide them with the most important and relevant information regarding products, questions and answers, searchable product catalogs, path/way finder's, and print out relavant information such as recipe's, applications, product specs etc.




Key Features

  • Integration with Digital Signage
  • Based on Web Technologies (HTML/ HTML5, CSS, Javascript)
  • Fully web-based management
  • Cross platform operation
  • Centralized remote maintenance
  • Easy Customizable user interface
  • Supported content (Flash, Images, Video, Formatted text, News, Forms, Product Catalogs, Polls and Questionnaires)
  • Built-in free-text search engine
  • Multilingual content support
  • Inactivity screen saver
  • File access management
  • User behavior statistics
  • Ability to share the content between kiosk and Internet website