Queue Management

Our Queue Management System integrates with Digital Signage to combine the power of both solutions. Our solution uses touch screen kiosks to serve clients waiting in line and Digital Signage screens to display the served ticket numbers.

Any customer-orientated institution, like banks, local government offices, hospitals, post offices, telecommunication companies etc. will improve their services providing a more favorable image by using the Re-sign™ Queue Management System.





Key Features

  • Integration with Digital Signage
  • Centralized management, fully parameterized, branch manager real-time monitoring
  • Real-time Monitoring and Reporting
  • Powerful agent functions such as Sequential Call, Recall, Missed Call, Priority Call, Store, Transfer between agents, etc.
  • Employee / teller productivity reporting
  • Ideal for CRM using swipe Cards, VIP (or people with special needs) priority handling
  • Statistics based on service and language selection by customer
  • Information about customer and the requested services
  • Access management, compatible with active directory
  • Software based agent interface without installation
  • Advertisements on the Touch screen and Tickets, based on Language and Services
  • Multiple language voice guidance