Digital Signage

Use our Digital Signage platform to manage and distribute rich media content to a network of displays and cut down on costs related to the printing and distribution of paper based posters / signs. Our turn-key digital signage solution includes customized solutions including planning, design, content creation and content management services.

Clever Digital Signage offers an industrial-strength suite of digital signage software, with all the quality and deep functionality that you need. Re-sign™ is powerful, modular and scalable. It doesn't matter if you've got one display or thousands: Re-sign™ is designed to meet your requirements.




Digital Signage Usage

Digital signage is used for many different applications:

  • Advertising related to the location to uplift sales - for example in-store promotions and advertisements
  • Advertising by third parties - digital media agencies that sell advertising space to local merchants/service providers, media resellers and national advertisers
  • Enhanced customer experience - examples include digital signage in waiting areas to reduce perceived wait-time and recipe demonstrations in food stores
  • Influencing customer behavior - direct customers to different areas, increasing the in-store experience
  • Brand perception - where videos can be used to enhance the brand
  • Environment enhancing to increase the customer experience with the building itself - for example digital signage panels that interact with individual moves
  • Digital signage can also be used in a corporate environment, communicating company related information in reception areas and staff resting areas 


Solutions with the Clever Digital Signage Platform

  • Digital Advertising
  • Digital Signage Integrated with 3rd party information systems
  • Queue Management
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement (Integrated to QM & DS)
  • Interactive Product catalogs
  • Menu Boards & Product Promotions
  • Public Information systems (Eg. Transportation, Currencies, Stocks, Cinema etc.)
  • Cinema / Movie Theater Digital Signage Management System
  • Business information (Stocks, Currencies, TV, Training, News)
  • Entertainment / Infotainment (Weather, Horoscope, Quotes, Curious, TV, Movie trailers, Movie clips etc.) 
  • Centralized WiFi Management
  • Interactive Information 
  • Surveillance systems Integration


Clever Digital Signage Key Features

  • Stable, Tolerant, Flexible, Self-recovering
  • Easy to install or integrate with other preinstalled systems. Compatible with most pre-installed hardware
  • Customizable to specific client needs
  • Integration with TV in a screen area
  • No installation. Thanks to the web-based design, only a web browser is needed to operate the system
  • Low cost thanks to state-of-the-art Linux based platform
  • Multi Client, multi User support, personalization of content
  • Splitting of screen to unlimited areas designed by the administrator
  • Supports Full HD video, sound, animation and still images
  • Support of dynamic created content from other sources
  • Support of announcements and scrolling news, manually entered or from news channels
  • Support of local time displays (clock)
  • Support of local data in global scheduling
  • Support of transitions between ads
  • Multiple Playlists with flexible assignment to displays
  • Advanced scheduling based on time, days, months or specific date ranges, this helps you organize effective communication campaigns
  • Advanced Location management from Country to Projection Point (display)
  • Remote control of professional range monitor's (on/off, volume, brightness etc)
  • Silent and secured remote updates while playback plays. Saves bandwidth by sophisticated sync algorithms
  • Monitoring and report-back helps you support and service your digital signage networks and its components
  • Application with interactive content on touch screens such us questionnaires, polls or guides
  • Dozens of hardware connectivity solutions to develop the most effective network


Why choose Clever Digital Signage

  • It is not an intranet messaging system expanded to a digital signage platform
  • It is not a presentation application converted in to a digital signage platform
  • It is not a family of several products needed to act as a digital signage platform
  • It is one single modular based platform designed for digital signage from A to Z
  • It's ready to be adapted / customized to the cusotmers needs, it does not require the customer to adapt
  • It has a much lower cost of any other solution