Content Services

Content Creative Services

Should you require expertise in content creation or enhancement to produce advanced media we can provide you with Content Creative Services. Our expert designers work closely with you and any outside advertising agency to produce animated promotional sequences and informational messages specifically designed for digital signage. The development process is fast and convenient, allowing you to review the content online and provide immediate feedback. These services can be contracted on an hourly or project basis. 

Key Features
  • With more than 15 years of experience we have the required skills to create your digital signage messages considering environmental conditions, target audience, program objectives, display specifications and other host factors
  • The content can be designed to synchronize with marketing campaigns, interface with point-of-sale systems, drive customer behavior, launch point-of-purchase promotions, and numerous other applications
  • We can create sophisticated animated ads or videos from scratch or by adapting existing web banners, TV commercials or posters
  • We can create unique effects and dynamic information capabilities
  • We give you the option to manage your own messaging and content by creating your dedicated ready-to go templates. Templates give you the framework to insert messages, logos, photos and other graphics